Advanced Nano Technology



Vexti is in the business of the commercialization of various nanotechnologies by means of direct development and sale or via leveraging the intellectual property and company expertise via licensing and support.

The Company initially will focus on developments in the following areas, each supported by a pool of intellectual property and backed by a world class scientific and engineering team. The areas are:   ·      

Titanium Surface Enhancements:

These are nanotechnology enhanced titanium surfaces which demonstrate reduction in bacterial infection potential and also demonstrate enhanced tissue and bone growth ensuring improved human acceptance.

Surface Bactericidals for Intracorporeal Applications:

These are nanotechnologies for surface coatings of various catheters and the like that result in dramatically reduced risks of infection by inhibiting bacterial growth.    

Selenium Enhanced Bactericidals:

This is a selenium based product which enables the control of bacterial growth. It appears to function as a bacteriostatic agent. Combined with a bactericidal agent the combination may affect dramatic control for long periods of bacteria on surfaces. This area of product development appears to have several areas of application: (1) Those applications which can be seen to be applied directly to the skin (cosmetics, wound dressing, etc.), and (2) Those applications which can be used in clinical and consumer applications to treat surfaces for anti-bacterial purposes, (3) The control of growth on various surfaces of harmful flora or fauna.